The Shangri-La was built in 1960 by the Roamer Steel Boat Division of the Chris-Craft Corporation in Holland, Michigan. But the years have been hard on the Shangri-La and it's time to completely rebuild and refurbish the ol' girl. So starting in August 2008, the Shangri-La will be hauled from the water, as we do each year, and we will start a complete renovation.

We expect this renovation project to be completed over a course of 3 to 5 years during the spring and summer months costing $20,000 to $30,000. Items in RED have been completed.

Phase 1: Rebuild cabin sides and fronts with cutouts for aluminum framed windows with tinted tempered glass with sliders in the 4 cabin corners; remove vinyl canvas covering cabin top and fiberglass.

Phase 2: Remodel cabin interior by adding a shower enclosure, new cabin sole, cabin ceiling, apartment size refrigerator, build cabinet with drawers for clothing storage, refinish walls, cabinets and bulkheads with varnish wood, install a jack knife sofa where the bunk beds used to be, replace the V-birth mattress and completely rewire the boat.

Phase 3: Replace cockpit windows, remove vinyl canvas covering hard top and fiberglass, refinish cockpit woodwork, replace deck covering.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oak Paneling and Battery Switches

My task today was to start placing unfinished oak paneling over the white walls and bulkheads. Once cut to fit, the panels were glued and nailed with wire brads to hold them in place. It seems like no mater how careful I am in my measuring, I'm almost always a quarter of an inch off by the time I'm through. I guess that's what trim is for.





Later in the day, the UPS man brought me the battery switches that I bought from I bought a 3 1/5 inch hole saw and cut two holes in the steering podium to install them. The hole saw wasn't quite big enough so using a Dremel Tool, I enlarged the holes so the would fit. I though I had enough large gauge wire to wire them up but I didn't. So next time to the electrical supply store, I get what I need. The top switch is to connect either the starboard cranking battery or port cranking battery, or both at the same time, to the fuse panel the runs the boat. The bottom switch is to connect the house batteries to the fuse panel for the cabin.



Monday, June 21, 2010

Installed New Refrigerator

Today I built the cabinet for our new Norcold DE-0061R 7.0 cu ft built-in refrigerator, run wire for both the ac and dc circuits, then installed the refrigerator. Just forward of the refrigerator, I'll have a cabinet maker build us a clothes dresser. After I installed the refrigerator, I fastened the lower door latch back on that was laying inside when we bought it, closed the door, and couldn't open it again. I had to take the door off at the hinges to get it open again. Apparently, the reason the latch was inside was because West Marine had the same problem when they had it in their store as a display model. I called West Marine and they are going to have a new latch sent to us.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shower enclosure walls are up

I completed building the shower enclosure walls today. I need yet to line the inside walls and install the plumbing to finish the shower. Next project is to build the enclosure for the new 7.0 cf built-in refrigerator. This will be just forward of shower wall. Then a dresser will be built forward of the refrigerator.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Consulted with another cabinet maker

I consulted with Nick Baus of EagleWood Cabinetry & Design today about building our cabinets. He came out and took preliminary measurements and will give me a quote next week. Nick has also been working on the cabinets on a 37' Roamer owned by Marianna (Yana) DeMyer. I contacted her for a reference and she said, "Nick Baus is excellent. Absolutely excellent. You will LOVE his work, he is a total perfectionist."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Looking for new carpenter

I had to terminated the services of Alex Keel of AK Handyman Services. After 3 days, I could see that his carpentry skills were not to my expectations and would not be able to preform the work to my satisfaction.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wiring Refit

For the last 5 years of looking at the wiring mess, I started a complete refit of the electrical system. Most of the 120v AC was before there was a ground wire included. All the older 2 prong receptacles were replace at some point with 3 prong and a separate ground wire was ran to a few of those. There were no GFI receptacles and additional wiring was with standard solid conductor house type wiring. There were wires, some live, that were not connected to anything.

Back in my past life, I worked as an aircraft electrician for the Air Force, an avionics technician for the Army, and as an electronics technician on the National Aerospace System while working for the Federal Aviation Administration. I figure rewiring this boat is not beyond my skill level. So while in Milwaukee a couple weeks ago, I purchased 114 feet of salvaged, marine grade, 3 conductor stranded wire from Kendor Marine, then started pulling out old wiring and refitting with the new. I got this wire for $0.86 a foot whereas new marine grade wire would have cost over $3.00 a foot. Since the cabin area is mostly gutted out, this job is not as hard as some may think. After I'm through with the ac side of the system, then I'll start on the dc side. Talk about a mess.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Phase 2 Started

We got a good start on Phase 2 of our project yesterday. Alex Keel of AK Handyman Services in Menominee, MI is helping me with this project. Alex has experience in plumbing from Burger Boat, welding from Marinette Marine and all phases of carpentry.

In Phase 2, our goal is to remodel the cabin interior by adding a shower room, new cabin sole, cabin ceiling, apartment size refrigerator, new counter tops in galley and head, build cabinet with drawers for clothing storage, refinish walls, cabinets and bulkheads with varnish wood, Install swivel barrow chair seating and replace the V-birth mattress.